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Foot Locker ($FL) Down Bad….. I Can Only See A Downward Slope From Here.

This company does not care about it’s employees nor the customers. Anyone working at this company from 2019- seen the loss of quality of the workplace. They place emphasis on receiving customer information at the register and for the employees to force customers to sign up for memberships or refuse checkouts. Threats can also come from district manager such as losing register privileges (Which was a big deal before they cut commission for everyone, will explain later) or they’ll just start firing people. During the peak of the pandemic, Key holders (3 in my case) were forced to work with no bonuses, while the rest was furlough for around a month. When they brought people back, they later cut commission (which help those who are making minimum wage (yes they pay minimum wage), gain more money by working hard and selling a lot, claiming that it will help across the board for everyone and promising better changes. Now changes to the discount is coming where part-times discount balance have been cut by half. It’s honestly sad how this company treats the employees especially those who aren’t making much and working extremely hard. That transitions into customers not getting shoes because of all the cuts from paychecks, people are trying to make up what they aren’t getting anymore. There’s barely any shoes as it is, but it’s worse when big releases are hidden behind a paywall. There’s much more about this company that hasn’t been mentioned, mainly because the company enforces a strict policy on refraining from speaking out upon the company

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