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Facebook *Meta* is nearly down 50%

The company formerly known as Facebook, now likes to call itself Meta, has nearly lost half its value in 6 months.

People like to tout investing in stocks because it’s supposedly safer than you-know-what, but losses like this show that even stocks aren’t a safe bet. One of the biggest companies in the world, in one of the hottest markets (tech) who’s about as blue chip as it gets, still crashes in such spectacular fashion.

Here’s the chart for those who haven’t been following Facebook: https://imgur.com/gallery/TEeqI2E

Thanks to Apple and its privacy stance, Facebook is dying. And now Google is thinking of following in Apple’s footsteps, which could very well be the death nail for Facebook.

Facebook was once a thriving platform young people were addicted to. Now, it’s the place your grandpa hangs out, sometimes.

Facebook is about to be the next MySpace.

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