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Facebook aka Meta, I don’t like this stock

In fact, I hate this stock. I’m surprised people don’t take this as an opportunity to do something good with money. This company is pure evil. And aholes are buying into it because it has what, a discount from the last year? Lame. Compared to 2yrs it’s still up.

Shitty FB stock

So, people say the RSI is oversold. Haha! Sure it is. It can be more oversold for sure. Just realize this, it has never had this low of an RSI since it first IPO’ed. Think about that. Money flow is leaving this sinking ship. Some idiots are buying in, but we all know that the metaverse is a terrible idea. It’s not even original and it would be super lame to do it on $FB

That company has caused so much harm and turned families against each other. I really really hate this stock. If you know how to buy options, then you know what to do. If you are holding, get the hell off this Titanic shit pile.

Speaking of their marketing, it’s terrible for so many reasons and I’m sure many can answer to that. I hate using it.

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