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eVTOLs are PR until the big companies get in

TLDR: the certification/ pilot numbers/ PR disaster waiting to happen if you have to buy something buy CAE or TXT.

The reality of eVTOLS are so much worse than most people think. Here are the basic reasons to be very negative on them:

1- They are trying to certify something that has never been certified for civilian usage. See the tilt rotor certification process slog that Leonardo is going through with no end in sight.


2- They will need to certify new engines, new airframe, new batteries, new fly by wire systems. the EWIZ and EMI testing is going to fucking unbelievable ignoring all the issues going on with 5G

most transport agencies, FAA TCAA, EASA, JCAB want to see 100 of thousands of hours of experience for transport level configuration airframes from the OEMs.

there is a reason that even with a shit ton of experience MRJ failed to get a basic airframe see the spacejet.

3- The operation costs will be astronomical. most Time Between Overhaul (TBO) is based on hours and cycles. since these airframes will be doing a shit ton of cycles will make the overhauls happen frequently meaning a ton of costs for overhaul on systems that no MRO will know how to manage.

4-Pilot shortage, Competent pilots are become fewer and fewer and to have the numbers of available air taxis will require a shit ton of pilots.

So you still want to buy into this market……

Buy CAE if you think eVTOLS are a good play.

CAE is the big boy in type certified pilot training simulators. and guess who JOBY picked for their simulators.


Okay so you really want to see air taxis in your backyard play Textron.

they own Bell Helicopter, Cessna and Beechcraft as well as their own competitor for CAE. TRU+simualtion. if there is a company that understands certifying helicopters and GA aircraft’s its them.

i now they have hinted about getting into this market but since they are a big they can wait to see the misery the new companies are going to deal with and they may just buy them out. See Airbus buying the Cseries and rebranding it the A220 which will be the new base for the next 20 years of Airbus civil platforms.

in addition they just certified the new skycourier with already 50 sold to Fedex.


this is not finical advice

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