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Everyone cancel Netflix

Listen up retards. Now recently most of us have become aware that Netflix is hiking their rates again. Im sure there reasoning is so that they can bring more drool secretions to the masses. Perhaps inflation is even cutting into their production costs. Like the benevolent movie theater killers that they are they just was to provide more content for families across The world so we can all escape our miserable lives and spend as much time in front of the TV watching mind numbing content. I love eating tendies on the couch, pounding beer and watching Movies. Besides watching all of you degenerates lose small fortunes and posting your losses online…zoning out on my couch is one of my favorite pastimes. Why? Cus im a lazy fat American.

However. I dont want to pay 20 bucks a month to do it. So I propose this. There are a little over 11 million users on Wallstreet Regrets, even if half of you cancel your membership that will create a reasonable downside to this rate hike. Hell tell your friends and family too (ya know the ones who arent using your subscription to Netflix) and maybe we can put a real dent in their bottom line. In other words. Fuck your Netflix calls, cancel your subscription and buy puts.

This is my first shitpost. Not amazing i know im more of a meme guy myself. Have a great Saturday night. Maybe watch Hulu tonight instead

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