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The energy segment was filled with a lot of misinformation.

TL;DR: anyone that mentions “oil/gas is needed” and “it’s been years of green investment and nothing has happened”, are just bullshitters. Many places are already green, the issues blocking it is political, driven mainly by big money in oil and energy:

A 100% Renewable Grid isn’t just Feasible, it’s Already Happening


Politics in many states are actually blocking solar:


These organizations block green tech because they have clients who’s money is heavy in oil since they upstart costs for drilling and exploration is high. Going green destroys these industries as well as destroy the lives of people who are reliant on those jobs. It has nothing to do with the technology.

Elon haters.

Elon is the biggest liar? Tesla started out as a company that many said will fail because “you cant use batteries for cars”. They built a manufacturing company, in the US, that builds cars in the 2010s! Do you guys understand how fucking hard that is? Last year they delivered near 1M cars! They proved that cars can successfully use batteries to do long range trips. They’ve built a supercharger network that’s insane:


Tesla is poised to be an amazing company because they do solar, EV, and batteries for home and industry.

Their battery systems will print a million dollars per month. Do you guys even understand how much money that is when more come online?

Tesla’s massive Powerpack battery in Australia cost $66 million and already made up to ~$17 million

Elon is a liar? A manipulator?

Tesla, Spacex reusable rockets, starlink, AI and self driving. That’s a liar and manipulator? Wtf? You guys are haters and are so disconnected from those who actually build things vs those who sit around complaining and pushing imaginary money making stupid bets, as if it actually builds anything.

He recanted coin purchases because green enthusiasts complained that coin doesn’t use clean energy. That’s it, not because of manipulation. And that was true at the time, he couldn’t effectively be for pushing for green back then and be in coin. You know what he did? He got the coin leads together and they worked on a plan to make coining green! That’s a manipulator? Sounds like a doer to me. (I have a link but can’t post because it has coin in the title, you can google it)

FSD, I have the beta, it’s ducking awesome! I don’t touch my wheel most of the time to work nowadays. apparently those on the call believe it’s fake. I don’t know, brilliant minds think Tesla will get it right:

He’s been praised and many in the research community believe Tesla will be first to full autonomy. Whoever that was on the call sounds pretty 😜

  1. Aramco went public because they know that shit will go to 0. Suckers who bought Aramco going to see the Middle East switch to green tech leaving you guys to hold the bag.

The gap between future growth companies in new technologies such as green tech, AI and EV shows that those who try to make a quick buck from calls and puts have not a clue what building things look like.

If you can’t see green as the future and even doable right now, or hate Elon, you guys are miserably out of touch from the community that actually builds things.

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