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eTrade:”Do Not Exercise” $SHOP option

Hundreds of my contracts every week close Out of the money. I never got the below message.

I only play with options and usually lose but this is strange for me. Can someone please comment if you are using eTrade and have a similar experience on why they sent this message to me?

Account: xxxx-xxx Your “Do Not Exercise” request for 77 SHOP Mar 18 ’22 $700 Call was executed. This position no longer appears in your Portfolio. You will see this transaction on your upcoming E*TRADE Securities monthly statement and in your “Order View” screen. For additional details,please refer to order # 8375. PLEASE READ THE IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES BELOW. 1. The transaction fee for exercises and assignment of options is $19.99 (other charges may apply). 2. If you do not have sufficient purchasing power to accept the assignment or exercise, your expiring options positions may be closed, without notification, on the last trading day for your specific options series. Additionally, if your expiring position is not closed and you do not have sufficient purchasing power, E*TRADE Securities may submit Do Not Exercise instructions without notification. 3. Do Not Exercise instructions can be accepted only on the last day of trading.

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