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Elon the market manipulator

The power this man has to manipulate the market is genuinely ridiculous.

We know that China is going through a pretty bad Covid situation right now so they have been forced to have lockdowns, now one of Tesla’a biggest factories is in Shanghai and they have been closed for almost a week Which logically should mean Tesla stock price should drop right?

No daddy Elon goes ahead and buy a 10% stake in Twitter (worth about $3 billion) which sends Tesla stock up 5% and Twitter up 27%. Now for the past week Twitter stock value dropped 0.5%~ and one move by this man causes their stock price have the biggest movement they have seen in more than a year.

I know this move was linked to trying to create a platform with more free speech and what not but I find it difficult to believe he decided to become the largest individual stakeholder in one of the biggest companies in the world Based on a poll taken on the company in discussion without any ulterior motives

Not to mention his power to tweet and create the biggest movement of the year for specific altcoins. Anyway feel free to share your thoughts!

I’m also very new to the investing scene so I’m still very much learning so I’d really appreciate if you go easy.

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