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Eastern Europe

As the post on the risk of war in Eastern Europe was closed for comments, I want to get som views out. I have no idea why the initial post was locked, hope this can stay open. Things have changed since I said there is not going to be a war. It might. Someone said Putin is smarter than people think, and that is spot on. Not that world leaders don’t know this, but the world population might not. However, he is also very much into keeping face, showing strength. This is extremely important in Russia, if you show weakness you are immediately under attack by opponents. Putin does not want to lose power, at all cost. My previous post was he has more to lose then gain by attacking Ukraine. Not anymore. The pressure from the US, NATO and in some way the EU has pushed him into a corner. If he backs down, he will look weak to Russians. That will never happen. So how to play this in the market? I don’t do investment advice, but personally I am watching oil very closely. Also Natgas, which is a long story, but might be worth a watch. A major pipeline fromRussia to Europe runs through Ukraine.

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