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Earnings Roulette

It’s simple, and the best part is earnings season is 6 weeks long which gives you about 30 trading days to become filthy rich. Look at the earnings schedule. Pick a company you think is going to smash earnings for that day like Nvidia for example. Stop. Now don’t pick that company. Do the complete opposite. Pick the shittiest most decrepit piece of cum-guzzling, ass-eating stock that has been destroyed in the previous months of trading leading up to their earnings. We’re talking rock bottom 60-90% losses from 52 week highs. Because at this point the company has lost so much damn value it doesn’t matter what their earnings are. Missed earnings? They’re still a growth stock so They’re gonna fucking pump. Beat earnings? Sick bro they’re gonna fucking rocket for a week then probably tank until next earnings pump. If you wanna diversify pick two stocks. Now I’m not saying this works every time. It typically works 75% of the time when I’m right except for when I’m wrong 50% of the time. Now just do this every day for the entirety of earnings season. And if math is your thing like me, the five year average for companies reporting beating revenue is 68% (https://www.factset.com/hubfs/Website/Resources%20Section/Research%20Desk/Earnings%20Insight/EarningsInsight_021122.pdf) So how the fuck could you possibly lose money?


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