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Don’t invest in crsr

Going to be as objective as possible so you don’t get tricked by future posts trying to pump CRSR.

1) Bad fundamentals. CRSR admitted they are projected to have 0% growth for 2022. They were only able to pump their stock price up when they IPO’ed because of the stimulus money helping their revenue growth significantly. CRSR is on a downward trajectory because hardly anyone is building new computers due to the graphic card prices or the chip shortage. Looking at the P/E, we could see CRSR go as low as $10 a share in the next few months since the gaming market is simply way too niche, meaning that growth is slim at best. Also, their projected next quarterly earnings are pretty bad if you look it up.

2) Heavily shorted. As of right now, 31% of the float is being shorted which is way above normal. A normal stock at the most is generally shorted below 10% There is a strong negative sentiment for a reason. There may be more reasons beyond bad fundamentals for why it’s being shorted. I won’t throw around any baseless accusations since I don’t have definitive proof of anything nefarious going on, but I will say there is generally a strong statistical correlation between fraud and a downtrend of a stock price.

3) Chip shortage. This is obvious, but I’ll say it anyway, with the war going on between Russia and Ukraine, the chip shortage will only continue to get worse since resources will be allocated elsewhere.

I hope to save at least one person from losing money in this ticker.

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