Do not bet against Mark Zuckerberg via /r/wallstreetbets

One bad quarter for Meta and half the reddit investing community suddenly thinks they are smarter than Mark Zuckerberg.

I am not going to waste time wading into the litany of bear case scenarios that everyone has brilliantly laid out now that the stock has already lost like 40% from ATH. (Congrats on the post-mortem brilliance. You guys are real fucking geniuses by the way.)

In regards to the bear case, let’s suffice it to say that yeah, Facebook and ol Zuck could have a bad year or two.

But if you were ever going to stop yoloing dailies for a few days and actually take a long term position in your life, you’d be an absolute smooth brain not to try to scoop up some meta for your retirement.

Instead of puking bullshit about forward P/E, Daily Active Users, revenue per users, time spent in app, and some subjective opinion about whether or not we are going to live with screens on our faces, let’s just talk about Mark.

My position is pretty simple. Mark Zuckerberg is a once in a generation CEO and you are simply misinformed if you do not see it.

Sure he may not come across as the most charismatic Chad out there, and he may not have funny tweets. Perhaps is sense of fashion is shitty. Maybe he does need a better hair cut. And he should probably get some more media training before he testifies in front of congress again.

But the man is a fucking super genius and has a proven track record of being ridiculously competent.

He is literally on a trajectory to be the most successful human being in the history of American capitalism.

He isn’t even middle aged, and he has already achieved as much as – or MORE than – every other billionaire out there.

Let’s take a moment and compare the ages of some major achievers to Mr. Zuckerberg.

  • Elon Musk – Age 50 – Sold PayPal at 30, started SpaceX at age 31 became CEO of Tesla at age 37
  • Jeff Bezos – Age 58 – Founded at age 30
  • Warren Buffett – Age 91 – Publicly listed Berkshire Hathaway at age 32
  • Sundar Pichai – Age 49 – Hired as CEO of Google at age 42
  • Tim Cook – Age 61 – Became CEO of Apple at age 50
  • Steve Jobs – Deceased – Invented the iPod at age 46, iPhones at age 52
  • Bill Gates – Age 66 – Released Windows 95 and took the PC world by storm at age 41.
  • Jen-Hsun Huang – Age 58 – Co-founded Nvidia at age 30
  • Lisa Su – Age 52 – Became AMD CEO at age 44.
  • Mark Cuban – Age 63 – Sold and became a billionaire at age 40
  • JK Rowling – Age 56 – Published Harry Potter at 32
  • Oprah Winfrey – Age 68 – Started Oprah Winfrey show at age 32
  • Jamie Dimon – Age 65 – Became CEO of JPMorgan Chase at age 52

As you can see, pretty much all of these people didn’t even start their path to major success until their 30’s or later.

And I did not just cherry pick old CEO’s and famous people. This is the story for pretty much everyone who is ultra successful. I mean, look at the dinosaurs who have climbed their way up DC to run America.

I digress.

Newsflash fuckwads. Zuckerberg is young enough to be friends with Justin Bieber.

In terms of age, Mark Zuckerberg surpassed the business success of all those other leaders at an age when they were all still going to college parties and trying to get laid.

Today, Zuckerberg is arguably one of the most important people on Earth, his company influences politics and global affairs to an extent that would have given Julius Caesar a 3-day hardon.

Facebook is so big and powerful than American legislators are literally – and rightfully – afraid of it’s influence on your mind.

And this was NOT an accident. I don’t care that the idea for his website came from those Winklefucks. Using the internet to have people interact and post photos with people was NOT a unique concept at the time. There were ENDLESS website and communities trying do this very same thing in the early 2000s. I remember, because unlike all you TikTokin zoomers, I was alive and there:

  • MSN
  • MySpace
  • Nexopia
  • Friendster
  • Hi5
  • Second Life
  • Photobucket
  • Forums
  • Chatrooms

But guess what? At the ripe old age of 23, Mark Zuckerberg saw the trend and built Facebook out from basically nothing. His website is the one that took over the world, not all those others that were trying and had limitless access to capital via the dot com bubble.

He essentially pioneered social media, which is now the dominant cultural medium in our world.

He did it once, and there’s a reasonably good chance he can do it again.

And all these little children in the world have spent the formative years of their childhood LIVING on screens. They will flock to a metaverse when it is developed.

If you look at a comparison in career between Zuck and Musk, Zuck is pretty much at the life stage where Musk was when he was rich from PayPal and thinking about Tesla and SpaceX. The difference is that Zuck is 1000 times richers than Musk was, and Zuck can communicate with 2/3 of the planet’s pockets with the flick of his thumb.

All those problems you have identified with AR/VR and iOS privacy and shit? I am sure he will figure it out. He is smarter than all of us, and he’s still going to running marathons when Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai are admitted to a seniors housing facility.

I am fucking LONG on Mark Zuckerberg, because his career is literally just getting started.

Positions: ~220 shares at 237.10. Not a bag holder yet.