DD Requested. You get a 2 in 1 special today. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

DD Requested. You get a 2 in 1 special today.

This Wendy’s employee is mad that DD’s are no fun, so I’m here giving you a 2 for 1 special combo for free.

First dd is about Covid. Notice how ever since this war started, Covid has disappeared. No mention of Covid, mask mandates being lifted quietly, all the Covid stuff seems to be ending again.

Surprise! There will be a new variant after all this war crap is over. The Blowjob Variant will be the “most deadly” variant. What else do these news sites have to report on without Covid or Putin? Nothing. They’ll go out of business at this point without Covid.

Right now BNTX and MRNA are at a dip buying opportunity. I for one saw MRNA gap the fuck up on their earnings. They had good guidance and want to make some 4th booster. By November we’ll be on our sixth booster if they get their way?! I recommend while this war crap is going on to search Covid on google every day and see if a new variant is reported. When omricon was found, the market was about 2 weeks late to the party rocketing BNTX the day after thanksgiving. I spent about 1000+ hours researching BNTX in October and they are one of the most bullish biotechs in the industry.

but Covid is over OP! Look! The cases are down!

You’re retarded. Does this make sense to you? January everyone had Covid and all of a sudden it’s just gone right when the war happens. I don’t care if people are sick of it. Most of the population will go right back to obeying the orders, especially if they are FUD’d by war.

It’ll be back. Just like you retards were wrong in October about Covid ending then, you’ll be wrong this time. Covid will be back, and it’ll be “deadlier than ever”.

Whether it happens next month, or November keep a close eye on the Covid news. It’ll be back, by the fall the latest. March the earliest.


In case you forgot, inflation is rampant and we are coming up on a nice visit from JPOW. Interest rates incoming. Bullish for our banks, but not for our stocks.

Well it’s a good thing you can buy bank stock! JPM, Bac, and others are all at decent buying opportunities and should print if the rate hikes happen. Calls on them are cheap. I bought some Thursday and sold Friday, I will probably reopen a position next week before the feds.

Bonus: bullish on tesla Elon helps Ukraine and Giga Berlin. 900+ EOW

Positions: my positions change daily but TQQQ calls and LMT puts.

Why do my positions have nothing to do with the DD? Because that’s what my positions are. It’s that simple .

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