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I’m not going to try to shut off your front lobes by overwhelming you with charts and lingo. I am not going to meme this by referencing stupid ape/diamond hand bullshit.

Corsair has been down for a while despite solid fundamentals. Like, a long time. The story I’ve heard is that the business that bought them has been aggressively selling their shares or something. Full disclosure, I have a few long dated calls. (Not FD’s)

I am wondering if I should increase my position. Has the business selling their shares finally finished? I ask because if you look at their chart, it looks like it’s finally gaining some real steam, breaking out of the downward trend. Also if you look here:

If you scroll a few pages, it looks like a bunch of C-suite folks have started to buy a bunch of shares all of a sudden. Do they know something? Is Eagletree Capital done selling their stake? Are they considering a sale? Something else?

Looking for actual discussion, not a bunch of meme emojis.

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