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Covered calls are retarded

I don’t think y’all understand that covered calls are exactly the same as cash secured puts. If a stock’s going down, would you sell puts? Shit, you dumbasses probably would. I bet you feel like Warren Buffet, selling calls against shares of shitty meme stocks. Like wow, you’re earning premiums smaller than your micropenis. BUT YOU STILL LOSE MONEY IF THE STOCK GOES DOWN.

Seeing how retarded everyone is, those of you with even a single functioning brain cell have thought of inversing WSB. But HOLY SHIT, you guys can’t even inverse yourselves properly. When you see a few retards buy calls, you yolo your entire fucking account on puts. Then the next day, everyone’s calls are worthless, but so are your puts. Because the stock stayed fucking FLAT. Yeah, bet you didn’t realize that was possible. Meanwhile thetagang is wondering how millions of years of evolution failed to raise the average IQ above 40. Do you understand how fucking stupid you are? The opposite of buying calls is selling calls.

You wanna stop losing money? I wish I could help, I really do, but it’s impossible. I’ve been hard at work in my lab, trying to find a solution, but I can’t fix stupid. You will always be stupid, even after the heat death of the fucking universe. Fuck you. You’re a loser and nobody likes you. You’re stupid and retarded and fat and ugly. Your parents wish they aborted you. I hate you specifically with a fucking passion.

Positions: puts on WSB. I’m 100% serious. Currently calling my broker to unlock options

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