Could the firms that didn’t leave RU be easy takes? (not meant as political BS) via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Could the firms that didn’t leave RU be easy takes? (not meant as political BS)

So. I don’t know stocks. Period, bar none. I’m dumb. I don’t know how the overleveraging thing worked, I don’t know how GSE worked.

What I do know is that removing a nuclear superpower from SWIFT is a big move. And that every move after is a bet on what way the wind blows after. Major banking firms, Microsoft, Oracle…they made a decision between weathering the storm and a few months of bad publicity and leaving a lot of cash and gear on the table, or cutting out and dealing with what comes next.

Simply put, even if I don’t know the minutae, I know that you don’t make a move without reading the analysis and deciding it’s worth your time. Deciding that the goodwill, public feedback, government interaction, whatever, is worth it.

The Pinto didn’t stay on the market because Ford was cheap. It stayed their because the cost wasn’t worth it until they got exposed, right?

Same too with leaving a major market that itself is a top-run government. And doing so in a way that if the current powers that be stay so, you burnt that bridge.

So. Why is Koch staying there? Why is a business with 115 bil in revenue, 122k employees, keeping a business that’s only 6k there?

Option one is that they wanna weather the storm, which is valid. Ideological reasons blah blah.

Option two is that they can’t afford to leave.

Can someone better than me look at positions and junk for Koch or for Guardian Industries? Feels like it’s weird here. Some thing not right.

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