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$CORN will skyrocket thanks to fertilizer shortages

You slow retards have yet to notice a future move it seems. Fertilizer prices have jumped 200-300% at the beginning of the year. Farmers noticed and started hoarding it. It was then predicted that by March the supply would be empty. Corn is HEAVILY dependent on fertilizer. So much so that farmers are mass switching to soybeans this year or just not growing and raking in that government money.

Well it is March. There is an invasion of the Ukraine and everything is far worse than I thought it would be a month ago but good for $CORN skyrocketing. We STILL have a fertilizer shortage and now all supplies from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine have been yeeted away from us. Their share of global exports are approx:

Potash (Fertilizer): 35%

Urea (Fertilizer): 15%

Wheat: 25%

Barley: 24%

Corn: 13%

We still have that existing fertilizer shortage and now 35%/15% of the world’s supply has now disappeared. Its also very likely that the corn harvest in Ukraine never happens as well. Increased oil prices leads to increased ethanol prices which leads to more corn demand… See where this is going?

$CORN (Teucrium Corn Fund) hasn’t had the major jump yet that WEAT has so it has yet to price in the future effects that will happen this year. It is still undervalued.

Oh also all animals require corn for feed. RIP meat prices.

TL;DR: Fertilizer prices up & shortage, corn needs lots of fertilizer, no fertilizer no corn, ethanol alternative to gas, ethanol need corn, corn prices to the moon!

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