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Companies with Heavy Exposure to Russia on US Exchanges

NATO has finally decided to boot Russia’s largest Banks from SWIFT in addition to a number of other sanctions already in effect for many of Russia’s banks. This could lead to a run on Russia’s banks & almost certainly a recession. I’ve read reports of Journalists being asked to prepay early for their hotel stays because of sanctions & removal from SWIFT. With this in mind, here are some of the companies traded on U.S. exchanges with the largest Russian exposure.

(Note: To be clear, SWIFT is a international communication system for banks. It does not handle transactions). However when Iran was booted it lost 30-50% of its international trade.

  • $MCD McDonalds: 850 McDonalds Stores in Russia in 2022. Russia accounts for 4.2% of its $24 billion revenue.
  • $PEP PepsiCo: 4.4% of net sales from the Eastern European region. The company’s latest annual sales were over $70.2 billion. PepsiCo is the largest food and beverage manufacturer in Russia. The company employs approximately 19,000 people in its central and regional offices and in its numerous production sites.
  • $PM Phillip Morris received 8% of their revenue from Russia in 2021 ($31.4 billion total revenue). Philip Morris International’s (PMI) affiliates in Russia, comprised of two factories AO Philip Morris Izhora in the Leningrad region, and its branch Philip Morris Kuban in Krasnodar, and OOO Philip Morris Sales & Marketing with offices in approximately 100 cities.
  • $MHK Mohawk Industries: 4.3% of sales came from Russia.
  • $EPAM EPAM Systems Inc: 4% of revenue linked to the Russia-Ukraine, or Eastern Europe market. EPAM employs over 7,300 IT professionals and provides services to clients worldwide using a global delivery model through its client management and delivery operations in the United States, Belarus, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, UK, Germany, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and Canada.
  • $CCL Carnivore Corp.: 3.6% exposure in Eastern Europe
  • $MDLZ Mondelez: 3.5% of the sales come from Russia. Owns plants in Ukraine.
  • $BP British Petroleum: Owns a 19.75% stake in Russia’s national oil company Rosneft. Has stakes in several other Russian oil and gas projects

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