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Cold War coming off ice

In this article by WSJ.

Germany are stepping up their military spending by 100 billion USD. More than 2% of their GDP, an historic shift in stance. They plan to

“finance the building of two liquefied natural gas import terminals on the country’s northern coast.” – halting reliance on Russian supply.

“Mr. Scholz also announced concrete arms-systems procurements including the decision to buy state-of-the-art drones from Israel and F-35 warplanes from the U.S., which he said would be used to amplify NATO’s nuclear deterrent against Russia.”


100 billion euros for new fund for military spending Annual defense outlays to rise to more than 2% of GDP Work with EU partners to build fighter jets, tanks Purchase armed Heron drones from Israel Increase gas storage volume by 2 billion cubic meters Purchase additional natural gas on the world markets Establish a national coal and gas reserve Build LNG terminals in Brunsbuettel and Wilhelmshaven

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