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$CLOV still manipulated… after Q4 now a better bargain

It’s been nearly a year since my first position in $CLOV. I rode the Great Mini Squeeze of June 8 and sold one third of my shares at $22 on the way up. At $28, I kicked myself, when the price dropped below $20 I felt like young Warren Buffett. Those were early glory days, when CLOV provided great thrills. But, the best is yet to come.

I’ve put blinders on, blocking out the noise, hype, and FUD. I’ve committed myself to growing my knowledge of Clover Health, with the goal of becoming a better investor. The recent Q4 report and 2022 guidance provided all the validation I need to continue adding. Profitability as early as 2023, if not later this year, is exactly what investors needed to hear. Profitability has been the key missing element from our otherwise terrific fundamentals in this billion dollar industry.

Manipulation comes easy due to our low, low trading volume. For me, that means the opportunity to load up and hold is a gift. I’ll continue to add to my position until we hit the $20’s again. I’m far from the sharpest tool in the shed, so if I’m doing this then I’m certain hundreds (if not thousands) of other investors are, too.

By the way, against better judgement, I’ve played with options since June (and lost a bundle due to greedy MMs’ price manipulation to steal premiums and avoid Max Pain).

Buying shares only is my plan moving forward. I don’t have a crystal ball to know when the MMs will stop manipulating price, plus shares are uber cheap at this level. Common sense tells me $CLOV will eventually head to the $10’s once the manipulation is over, whether by another mini squeeze or simply the share price balancing itself out with fair value.


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