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Hey all you shitstains,

I am an OG WSB and made an absolute fortune on that gaming company in December of 2019 right after Keith Gill on youtube. I have never been more convinced of another play as much as I have then… until today.

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) is an underpriced juggernaut that is poised for a huge, huge earnings on March 1st.

Fundamentals are staggering.

Every single quarter they exceed their targets, never a single quarter SINCE IPO in 2004 have they failed to grow. That is 79 quarters of growth, guess what, add Slack and Tableau acquisitions and guess what, it is going to grow again. But the street doesn’t appreciate it all that much right? Last four ERs, -15% price drop, 3%, 3% and a 9% drop – so why is this different? Well they exceed targets, but this one is going to smash every expectation. Street says 0.75 but my heart says this will look more like August and 1.48 – nearly doubling expectations. And the stock price will balloon upwards to $250-$260 area, but also add in the fact that their 12-month performance is -8% versus similar companies like Adobe have gained 3%. So add a little extra on that for a like to like comparison.

Compare its assets to its share price – $155 on 1/31/19 with $30.7B in assets versus 1/31/21 and $66B (more than 2X) and its share price, $230ish (even over the current price).

Compare what it is doing with its debt to help bolster its tangible book value – $680M on 1/1/19 to $11B on 1/1/21 or 16X its actual, real value. And debt went from $3.1B to $6.2B (2X) or put another way, every time they spent a buck, they made 8.

Price to sales improving every quarter, PEG dropping, debt to equity 1/3 lower than like-to-like (Adobe), I could go on and on. This is a powder keg. Add in more dumbass analysts (33 on TipRanks that I use) and their PT average is $333.

Bonus X Factor: The leak of the NFT marketplace is massive. Given their huge ties to Shopify, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, etc – they can eliminate the duplicate market for their clients, a $160B a year industry. Buy underwear, don’t care. Buy Air Jordan, get an NFT for $1 verifying authenticity – poof, pure HYPE beast type stuff.

TLDR: Mirror my play, make 10:1, PT is $274

POSITIONS: 230 260C 3/18 (yes this is a $25K YOLO) – photo attached as well for proof.

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