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Chinas Economy is Still Imploding

I get it, we are all a bunch of ten second toms here and I am proud of that. Evergrande had its fifteen minutes of fame, but the money printer was too loud for anyone to pay attention.

Well, since then, it has only gotten significantly worse and again has been brushed to the side by inflation news and Ukraine war. After the technical defaults of many firms like Evergrande there has only been silence on the situation from both bond rating agencies and the media. But property firms that were deemed “safe”and liquid have been plunging because hidden debt is starting to rise to the surface.

Most recently, Logan Group Co. has plummeted because of worries of billions of dollars of debt related to Chinese real estate that was hidden.

All the while, the Chinese government is injecting massive amounts of easy debt in an effort to save things but home sales have not been recovering to pre crash highs. If this does not pickup then the China is in for a boom boom.

Translated to retard speak, Xi himself is blowing people behind the dumpster at Wendys to get them to take out a mortgage on a house that doesn’t exist yet.


Sold Yang shares after CCP pulled a sneaky and just removed Evergrande from the index. If anybody knows a way to get direct short exposure to Chinese commercial real estate through a normal broker hit your boy up.

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