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China Is Pulling A March 2020 In Case Anyone Didn’t Notice

I get it, covid was officially over after the Ukraine crisis started, but not in China. Somehow their recent movements towards full lockdowns again have gone unnoticed by world media in light of recent events. Today, Xi put Shenzen on full lockdown. For those unfamiliar, Shenzen is pretty much a semiconductor mecca. Every technology company from all parts of the world produces there and it going down is no bueno for those growth forecasts in the short to medium term. Moreover, this step will likely extrapolate to all of chinas production in short-term extreme shutdowns that will have reverberations on already stressed supply lines. This is all in addition to their housing market fucking imploding the implications of which are still unknown.

My opinion/positions:

It is of my thought that the T-word will be greatly affected by the significant shutdown in China, a majority(all) of its profitability relies on Chinese production. If this shutdown is significant it will significantly hurt its short-term growth numbers as this bubble bursts into a recession.

TSLA 240119P00200

TSLA 240119P00150


In addition, I would like to add there are certain geopolitical uncertainties that recently have arisen out of Ukraine scenario. If China ever made a move on something like Taiwan, and under pressure U.S. businesses pullout of China en masse or are forcibly cutout, the results of which would be catastrophic.

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