Chad Market Maker looking to make ThinkOrSwim ladies cum via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Chad Market Maker looking to make ThinkOrSwim ladies cum

Sup? I’m Rob, I’m a stock market maker at Citadel Securities.

Anyway, I’m in the business of making wads of cash, but shits too easy and boring these days. Now I want to use my market making abilities to make hot, blonde, ThinkOrSwim chicks cum. Here’s the deal:

  1. Send me your boyfriend’s favorite stock
  2. Set your mobile price alerts at -5%, +5%, and every percentage down to -69%. Set your phone to vibrate.
  3. Lay your phone in between your panties and that spot your boyfriend can’t find.
  4. First, I will move the market up 5%. This will make both you and your boyfriend gasp with elation.
  5. I will begin to move the stock down, each successive percentage drop becoming more intense for you. Your boyfriend’s brags will quickly turn into upset cries as he intently scrambles for any news that came out. But no news is coming, you are.
  6. This will culminate as I take the stock down 69%. Your boyfriend excuses himself to the bathroom, he has to puke both his stock and his guts out, selling all of his shares in his Robinhood account. But your ThinkOrSwim does the opposite: you had a limit buy this low. You feel that trade confirmation hit those meatflaps and you climax as I begin to make the stock rally back, finishing up 1%.

The only Robinhood you need is me, Rob, in your clitoral hood. Flaired as DD cause that should be your cup size.


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