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Cathie selling out is a big deal.

Since ARKK appeared in 2014, it has returned 198%. In the same time BRK has returned 121% and SPY has returned 109%. So Cathie is beating literally everyone even AFTER her fund lost 70% of its value.

Now Cathie has been on a selling spree. She’s liquidated a lot of her positions to either nothing or close to nothing. A lot of dullards will swoop in and say Cathie doesn’t know what she’s doing. But those same people willfully disregard her returns that I described above and really just wish to throw rocks at her.

No, the reason I think Cathie is selling is because she sees a bigger reversal coming and she doesn’t want to be part of it. She probably still has high conviction for all the stocks she’s sold but she probably thinks she can get them for 1/2 off.

Look at PLTR–company is financially stable and can easily survive a recession due to strong fundamentals. Thus, there’s no real reason to sell PLTR right now if you’re planning on holding for years… Unless you’re thinking the price is going to go down even more and you want to come in and buy it for even less.

And that’s what I think is happening right now. I think that Meet Klevin guy was right. I think there are too many negative factors in the market right now to warrant a push up, and I think Cathie sees this and is positioning her fund to take advantage of a shift in the market cycle.

My positions: This week basically all my positions lost. Calls on PLTR and AMD for May, both of which are OTM now. And my last position is for $350 SPY Puts in May that I got as insurance against my calls.

Note: I’m not trying to spread FUD. If you look at my post history you’ll see I’ve been actively making bullish posts. I’m genuinely hoping we see a bullish reversal, but if we don’t I’d rather take a loss on a little bit of my cash rather than all of my cash. I shall see you at the bottom.

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