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Can We Talk About How Greasy This Whole AMC Deal Is? It’s Comical

Alright, retard, all opinions on memestocks and AMC squeeze shenanigans out the window for this post and comment section.🤝

We will focus on this AMC gold miner deformed dumpster baby that literally gets sketchier the deeper you really look.

But first, how greasy is this deal? Greasy

Let us dive in:

1st: Let me take this layup real quick, movie theatre executives don’t know dick on how to fucking mine for natural precious metals. Coincidentally, this is about as close as a YOLO a corporate executive/board can go.

2nd: HYMC coincidentally drops an ATM stock offering this morning of up to 500 million unloading on apes as the stocks price launches. For those who don’t understand, they are essentially able to soak up this 500% share price increase in taking a shitload of cash while massively diluting their shares. Isn’t it odd that this was left out of the AMC press release and not spoken about at all on MSM today? Personally, I read an article in Barrons and NYT that completely failed to even mention it once. Side note: in a total dipshit move that makes Cramer look normal aaron canceled his appearance on CNBC with a dumbass reply, what a fucking dweeb. Everyone knows in the era of Elon Musk, laws and court orders don’t matter on Twitter and TV.

3rd: Goldminers largest shareholder is Mudrick Capital ~40% of stock outstanding. For you true autists, this is the same Mudrick Capital who bought 8.1 million shares of AMC stock in a closed offering and then sold the very same day. Wow, ain’t that fucking weird.

4th: The movements of this stock before this announcement are fucking sketch as hell. Take a look at 2.50 strike call open interest. So you telling me that some entity just decided to yolo massive amounts of money on massive OTM calls days till expiry on some shit profitless mining company right before a fucking movie theatre buys a massive stake? Call me sherlock holmes cause that’s suspicious.

-Granted, most of the volume for these options came in Friday at prices between .15 and .60 and the options barely got above .30. Nonetheless, sketch as hell. But the general movements of the stock before the announcement is undeniable.

4.5: This one isn’t of any substance but I think it’s worth something. This fucker took a picture with a sign in the middle of the desert as a showing of quality, no gold production or busty facilities. This is essentially if Elon Musk came out to woo his retarded investors with a new car model and instead of showing an actual car he shows a drawing.

Like fuck me, put me in charge of Wendys and I’ll invest in Diane Fosseys Gorilla fund so apes can break free from behind the dumpster and frolic free in the wild while simultaneously solving climate change by making biofuel from their shit. No need to call me a hero.

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