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calls on Vodka DD

Listen up retards, since we’re all discussing about how to profit from Putin’s smooth brained moves, I’d like to present my idea:

You guys are talking about weapon stocks, but have you forgotten what’s the biggest enemy in Eastern Europe? That’s right: cold. It’s cold that defeated the 2 greatest armies that attacked Russia in the last 200 years (Napoleon’s and the Germans).

But every time both Russian and Ukrainian fighters can defeat everyone because they know how to fight cold: they drink Vodka as much as they can and then go shooting. So with these 300,000 soldiers facing each other, there’s literally not enough vodka for a total war, and that’s not even amounting for the countless Russians who will drink it to cope with their depression once they realize the retardation of their leader.

Furthermore, I don’t know shit but I’m sure at least some vodka imported in Europe & America comes from Russia, so with the economic sanctions the supply there will drop!

So I’ve been researching and I found the 2 sticks: $DEO and $PDRDY. Turns out: even without this they’re actually good companies that already turn a profit!

Tl;dr: with the current geopolitical situation, I believe vodka will become a very scarce resource for the human kind. So I’m buying vodka producers.

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