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From looking at the upcoming news and Tesla’s upcoming advancements which were targeted towards April 15, Tesla was found to have quite a bit of activity and promising news with upcoming products and market. With some news coming out about new cars and other sales it looked promising to rise if not a little bit. This stock generally was honestly a gamble, where going and shifting through the news to find any news that showed up concurrently; Tesla showed up multiple times on the news. Tesla also had a lot more promising, and for a lack of a better term, good, news for the upcoming April 2022 month. Also considering that tesla stock price just recently took a dip into a concave shape, we, rather I am betting on it rising up from that low to end up somewhere higher than it was. The only problem that almost deterred me from buying this stock was that its bid price was already quite high and takes a bunch from our 20k budget for this ⅕ of stock(a 10% increase vs a 50% increase can mean a lot).

Submitted February 01, 2022 at 05:26PM by l4ntro
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