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Buy BA

My positions to start: 2024 Jan 170-200 Call Spreads, 25 shares, and adding more shares.

A 737-800 crashed in china as many of you have probably heard and BA stock has sank.

I am a pilot and got info from a buddy whose seen the flight data recorder.

Translated (loosely) transcript:

Aircraft cockpit voice recorder not found, flight data recorder ruptured. After repair decoding analysis, the aircraft in the descent process of the right from the throttle can not follow, thrust imbalance, slowly rolled to the right; When the slope reaches 46°, the unit presses the rod to the right by mistake to accelerate the roll of the aircraft; When has been inverted flying state, and wrong rod, causing the aircraft accelerated down, down rate of 4846.3 m/min, table speed of 412.5 sections, mountain disintegration.

For those of you who do not have a clue what this means, the pilots announced an engine failure and ATC told them to standby.

Based on the info, They ended up pushing the rudder into the wrong engine (inop engine) and inverted the aircraft into an unrecoverable state causing it to crash.

I would speculate confidently that the sell off was also a knee jerk reaction due to people thinking it was another MAX, but it was not, it was the 800 variant.

In short, this will not fall on Boeing and likely pilot error, unfortunately.

Buy BA because it will recover quickly

TL;DR Boeing will likely not be at fault for this accident and as information officially comes out the stock will rebound heavily.

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