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Bull case for Meta

Bull case for Meta

Assuming we found the bottom here to close out the week, I love this company in a 1-2 year outlook. It’s better positioned with cash than competitors, and they won’t have to worry as much about rising interest rates. It’s EPS is the best you’re going to see in this space for the next 1-2 years on a large cap.

We got confirmation digital advertising isn’t dead with the Snap and Pin results. Speaking of their competition, do we really think Facebook doesn’t have the money to blatantly copy the methods these platforms are using, and quickly?

3 years out I’m less confident, but expecting their reality labs/meta verse adventure to look a whole lot better on the balance sheet than it does now. If you have tried a VR headset you know why Meta is investing big. The tech is pretty much there now, hence Sony and Apple making VR moves in the next year.

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