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BlackBerry 2022 Threat Report

BlackBerry 2022 Threat Report

Explore cybersecurity trends from ransomware to supply chain attacks, infrastructure security to automotive cybersecurity, and endpoint security to AI.


Your organization needs strong cybersecurity as demonstrated by attacks against critical infrastructure, the software supply chain, governments, large enterprises and small-to-medium businesses.

The BlackBerry® 2022 Threat Report brings you up to speed on the latest techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) used by cybercriminals, including advanced persistent threat (APT) groups. Use this information to help your organization allocate security resources wisely and protect against cyberattacks.

This report explores current cybersecurity topics:

Top cyberattacks of 2021

Critical infrastructure and why it is vulnerable

Supply chain attacks and how they affect customers

Connected vehicles, cybersecurity, and the role of AI in the auto industry

Why organizations choose managed extended detection and response (XDR) platforms

Cybersecurity legislation and regulations—recent, proposed, and upcoming

Adversarial AI and how it affects security

How to manage critical events and emergency incidents

Read the report to help your organization prevent cyberattacks and achieve a secure 2022 and beyond.

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