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Big thank you to the mods.

I disagree completely with the assertion that we need memes back.

I have learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from WSB ever since 10,000,000 apes piled in here with their bullshit pictures and jokes. It’s funny sure, but I want to make some fucking money. I am not here to get a little chuckle at how much money you lost because you YOLO’d your entire portfolio on a single Jim Cramer tip.

Things were WAY better before.

I was creeping this place back when we had like 300k members, and buddy, I learned some serious shit. Everyone once in a while, I swear the smartest mother fuckers in the world would step down from their ivory towers on Wall Street and bless some scrubs with information that their bosses would pay them 8 figures to write. This subreddit had top quality DD written by absolute professionals who were slinging around millions of dollars.

The DD’s back then were real, not just a bunch of morons trying to justify their latest gamble into a trash penny stock.

Sure you miss your stupid fucking pictures of the exact same photo with new text about the latest shitty company that flopped earnings.

Do you know what was even better than memes? When I came in here and saw people piling into Hertz the day it declared bankruptcy and they all made bank.

How about the time we all got the bright idea to pile into BlackBerry days before they signed a deal with Amazon and it went vertical?

Do you know what else was fucking wicked? When dozens of people in WSB concocted conspiracy theories about Palantir, and this entire sub jumped into the direct listing at $9 before a single institution got in, and we tripled our money in two months. (After sure enough – Joe Biden hired a former PLTR consultant to run the entire department of national security.)

I cannot recall a single community win like this since the memes took over, and I still come to the sub multiple times a day.

Do you really think all these moronic TikTok screenshot GIFs are going to help you find the next game stonk at $2.50? Fuck off.

Fuck your memes. Go back to Instagram and Twitch with the rest of the broke kiddos.

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