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Big losses should not be normalized or mocked

Sorry if this shouldn’t be its own post but it’s been bothering me. I used to come here for the lulz and it was great fun, but it started to get old and destructive behavior became more common. Yeah I get it, it’s the schtick in this sub, but that doesn’t make it okay.

Seeing posts of people yolo-ing and losing their life savings might seem funny on the surface, but then I think how many of these people are literally ruining their lives. And then instead of showing compassion or support, commenters just pile on and make it worse.

I came across a Twitter profile today of someone asking for help because they lost their life savings. I’d post a link if it weren’t against the rules, but it is so sad reading how he needs help to take care of his family. I threw him a few bucks but it’s not going to fix their problems.

It’s just really hard to see and this sub encourages too many destructive behaviors. I’d simply ask that more people start showing more empathy and compassion, even if it doesn’t get you as much karma. My two cents.

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