Bets for the incoming inflation / shortages along with the adoption of the digital ID… via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Bets for the incoming inflation / shortages along with the adoption of the digital ID…

So, if anyone has been paying attention to any of the shit that’s been going on, you would have caught on to a few really fucked up things like the military grade “guiding” of social media and fear mongering to get everyone to adopt mandates etc, the whole World Economic Forum NWO reset etc. There are 2 things that have fucked with the ability for elites to “guide” the masses and those two things are the internet and ccr ipto, hence the need to contain the damage those 2 things do. Here is my prediction and would like to know based on this prediction what are some bets we can extrapolate from this…

So I believe the pandemic has been a power grab, mainly for the vaccine pass, and big pharma rape to everyones pockets all the while inflation is bigger than king kong’s shlong. If anyone was watching Canada, we just went full fascist and declared martial law for a few days but pay attention here because while in that state, we allowed the powers towards finance crackdowns indefinite…

Now in case you don’t know what a digital ID is, its a programable id similar to china’s social credit system. Basically all your shit combined with this ID, but with the ability to make your “credits” more like vouchers. So for instance we get a shortage for twinkis and/or its government policy to eat healthier then this ID would have the ability to have a limit to how many twinkis could be bought if any (THIS IS VIOLATION OF TWINKI RIGHTS – no one should be able to fuck with twinkis) And if your fine with that wait till they start denying you fucking crayons, then what the fuck are you going to eat?!

So the ID is coming, and like the pandemic, there has to be a way for it to be adapted, probably out of fear so my guess is inflation through the fucking roof, likely ukraine will have its pipeline tanked, and it will start the snowball of massive shortages around the world (sound like fun?) With these shortages and mass mayhem, a digital currency along with the programable ID would sound like a reasonable “sacrifice” so that we all “do our part” in protecting the supply chains and what resources we still have etc. Of course it could go to nuclear war and we all die, but then the bets are pointless so lets continue with this for now…

My guess is that oil and gas will go sky high, food shortages will hit as a direct result. Governments will target green tech as the saviour to the high gas and oil prices. Mining will go nuts to keep up with green tech. Thoughts?. BTW still trying to find a way to post my gain and loss porn, managed to buy bkkt calls going from 120 bucks to 4300 (first options Ive ever bought) but haven’t figured out how to display that after I sold, its a new broker to me, and yes I pretty much lost that little nugget on puts on mrna just too close the exp.


Massive inflation like youve never seen.

Digital ID to that can be controlled, meaning controlled travel, food, gas etc

Shortages starting from the disruption in Ukraine

What bets can be made, and what areas can money be stored that can survive the change in monetary structure.

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