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Best store of value if WW3 happens?

Are we on the brink of WW3 and global recession? Maybe you should panic sell investments like a paper handed bitch. At least then you have cash for the hard times ahead.

But the US dollar is also rapidly diminishing in value due to inflation. Your hours of slave labor in corporate America could be worth half as much in a year, you don’t want that.

You need to find a better store of value. But what?

This is where I come in. I inherited a vast collection of Beanie Babies in mint condition from my grandmother. The Ty tags on these things are absolutely PRISTINE, and that’s how you know they’re still good. And unlike corn, these are physical assets that can’t get hacked or drastically diminish in value overnight due to volatility.

I am also hoarding Adderall, as this will prove an excellent store of value in the event of a nuclear fallout post-apocalyptic Mad Max type scenario. This is called diversification. But I am not selling the Adderall, only the Beanie Babies.

I possess many of the rarest Beanie Babies, including Nana the Monkey and Valentino the Bear. DM for inquiries. Do not DM for Adderall. Thanks.

Positions: MU 90c with expiries for 4/22, 6/17, and 9/16

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