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Best point to start investing into Taiwans Semiconductor Manifacturating

Hello guys. I am at my beginning as investor. I am actually investing in two of the most common and safest assets (S&P 500 and SPDR Gold Shares). At this point I want to diversify my portfolio and looking for sone stocks that can bring value to my investments. I have seen one of the most interesting stock is TSM.

Due to the semiconductor shortage of the last year, its stock has grown exponentially, taking it to be considered as an overvalued company. Anyway, this is an important reality with important customers all over the world, in a field that will dominate industry in the next years for sure. This took me to value this stock as a great investment where I will deposit a certain amount monthly.

You all know that we could be in a period like the common tech bubble, where high tech stocks can be very volatile and they can drop significantly, so my fear is: WHEN START THE PAC ON TSM?

I have read on a blog specified in stock analysis that a good P/E Ratio would take to 75$ /stock value. What do you think about?

I am just looking for some advice or ideas on which bases I can get documented and then build my own idea. Obviously I am not asking to do stock picking for me. Thanks for answers and have great earning to everyone !

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