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Beat Russia by making money

Hey autists,

I realize the point of this sub is to lose money, but if you’re interested in making money, listen up.

Wallstreetbets got internet famous last year for betting against hedge funds shorting GME. And what is Russia if not a giant moderately sized hedge fund that is shorting Ukraine?

The Russian Stock Market is going down like $WISH, and while you wish you could’ve gotten in on that short, you still can get in on this one. ERUS is down 30% and just like a Russian Kalibr missile, it’s not going to stop until it crashes into a Ukrainian apartment building. u/aliens8mycow pointed out that you can’t short EURS but can short $RSX. You can also short the ruble directly.

My modest proposal, we short the entire Russian economy until they have a net worth equal to our own. Once their economy collapses, so does their war. There’s plenty of charities to donate your well gotten gains if you want the ultimate flex.

That’s it: make money, save Ukraine.

Submitted February 25, 2022 at 01:07AM by lightning_knight
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