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Bears are getting destroyed!!!!!!!

So I am sick of this bullshit, fucking bears are making everything up. As soon the feds meeting started. I have started seeing people commenting oH i fEel bAd fOr peoPle whO boUght hIgh toDay like do these f**n idiots thinks they know everything. Why these dub fks are even allowed to post on here.

Since last three months I am sick to death listening same shit crasH iS coMing no you f***n d*bs the s&p500 is already correcting and Nasdaq is already in bear market. The USA economy is better than ever.

But no there are always these shorties posting same shit every fucking day.

How about you lot gtfo and stop being so fuckin desperate about your short positions.
This will be my last post on this page. I will be taking break from reddit cuz iv had foking enough of bears rainbow bulls*t.

P.S Buy the dip fuc*kers bc

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