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AMD is usually the stock with nothing but good news in the markets. They're beating up on Intel, ( capturing more market share each quarter, their chips are the top of the markets,( and they are on track to acquire Xilinx (*Edit, they acquired it), which will greatly increase their demand for chips within industrial products. However, they're down 40% from the high of 162. I do not believe this bullish nature is founded in the company's performance but is being dragged lower by TA.

The charts below (one for you candle apes) shows there's an extreme bullish sentiment, and what seems very likely as a breakout below the charts for both the 5 day and 3 month lines. If there isn't a sharp rebound off of the $100 line, to $110- $115, I believe we will see AMD drop to $90 or less in the next month or so. This would be the best time to buy in, as I believe this stock is a great long-term investment, with a lot of underlying benefits.

If I were to recommend options, I would say 100P Apr1 are might print if the charts breakout lower, or call spreads at with your neutral line around 115 – 120 just in case we see some breakout news.Longer term outlook, if the markets don't keep shitting the bed, and have some sort of recovery, we could easily see amd back above $150 by end of Year.

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