Am I autistic? via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Am I autistic?

Ok I seriously need to know if I'm autistic or if this guy on r/thetagang is autistic.

I've literally been selling calls for years thinking they are bearish because I'm getting premium because I think the stock cannot go higher and this guy on thetagang is telling me it's a bullish sentiment. He said and I quote

"an ITM CC. Those are neutral to bullish positions "

" An ITM CC is a bullish position because if the underlying declines past your breakeven you lose money, and if it stays flat or goes up you make maximum profit. "

I think his saying you make max profit because if the underlying goes up you lose no money on the underlying and you get to keep your premium. But if you think the underlying is going to go up then don't sell a CC, wtf? So it's a bearish position.

Also is this a real strategy. Also from this guy

" Buying a put and shares is a common strategy. It is called a married put. The put is a hedge. Overall it is a bullish position."

Is this actually a fking strategy? Who buys shares then a put immediately after?

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