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All in $50 VSCO Put Contracts against Market Analysts.

​Do you have any insight to VSCO Victoria Secret stock? It seems like not many analysts are evaluating its call today.

The earnings call for VSCO this morning gave poor projections for the first half of this year. The only reason they had a positive Q4 is due to inflation and not business success.

Victoria Secret is getting killed on direct to consumer channels like Shein and Amazon. Meanwhile Covid is crippling both its retail and logistics endeavors.

They are focusing on higher end quality products but are focusing its growth on teen products. A market which low priced products are king.

It feels like they have abandoned the Chinese markets by nearly giving away half of its business there. Their problems with importing product could get a lot worse with a potential war given the political climate.

I am all in on $50 put contracts expiring for 4/14. I am hoping the price comes down at least 20% in that time.

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