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Alibaba set to break long downtrend

According to a report by the Xinhua news agency, the government will “actively release policies favorable to markets” and in advance of any pending regulation which could potentially have a substantial influence on capital markets will run it by financial management departments. To boost the economy in CQ1, the government will take “forceful measures.”

A number of news publications have reported that in an attempt to appease US regulators and prevent Chinese companies like Alibaba from being delisted from U.S. exchanges, China’s securities watchdog is planning to make compromises on the disclosure of Chinese audit information. This is a promising development.

Shares “look attractive” at the current valuation, according to Squali. The analyst gives BABA a Buy rating along with a $180 price target. The figure suggests shares have room for ~74% growth over the coming year.


This chart here shows the long downtrend has been broken and we’re headed higher from here.


This shows the average analyst price target is significantly higher than the current market price.

In conclusion, ALL IN!!!! 🚀🚀🚀

Edit: This is my research I did today. I currently do not own any positions but I will be buying some tomorrow and will post in the comments.

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