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A Wall Street bets love story

Dan, a 21 year old young man has a bright future. He meets this girl Olivia at college and they click instantly. Dan doesn’t have a job, but he used to so he likes to gamble on spy calls and the occasional sports bet.

Olivia’s dad has a gambling addiction. She also has the potential to get one, so she’s very cautious of the markets. But she sees Dan making 100x what she makes at McDonald’s and wonders if she could do it too. She never tries, but she’s always thinking about that big win.

Dan and Olivia eventually graduate and get married. Yay! Dan’s grandma gives them a very generous $50k gift that she has saved up for most of her life.

Olivia and Dan were very thankful for this, and put it in their joint savings account. It sits there untouched for 3 months.

Olivia still sees Dan winning sports bets and stock market wins. She decides to finally take a crack at it now that there’s 50k in the bank account. She deposits 5k but accidentally adds an extra 0 so now the entire 50k is in her robinhood account. She says fuck it, I want to impress my husband and get us rich. She yolo’s spy calls 0DTE with 25k, and is instantly up 200% and sells. She gasps. Now she has 100k in the account.

With that 100k, she decides to go all in and yolo AMD 0DTE calls since it was on the “most popular” page on RH. It runs up, she’s up 20% but she wants 200%.

Sadly, things don’t go too well for Olivia here. Amd has a mid day crash and she’s down 90%. She lost the entire 100k on 0DTE’s. She didn’t know how to tell her husband.

Her husband comes home, and sees the 50k gone. He asks his wife, “babe why is there $0 in the gift account?”

She tells him the truth. She yolo’d and lost it all. He is surprisingly nonchalant about it, and shows her his portfolio. He’s down 80k in the “all” section of his robinhood. He tells her they’re a perfect match and will yolo together from now on.

The end.

Moral of the story is the first ones always free. You won’t think that applies to you until the MM’s cuck you like the rest of us.

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