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200SMA Crossover, Hold on to your butts!

I’ve been doing TA for 10 years now, and I think it’s absolute shit because the markets are obviously rigged and the fed is manipulating them with the money printer. With that said, this is a pretty big signal that I wouldn’t ignore.

200 SMA crossover and gravestone doji

The 200SMA just crossed into bearish territory. The actual crossover has been in the works for a while as you can see the downward trend, however this is confirmation of a change direction. At the same time today’s candle represents a gravestone doji. The market was up but rejected that and sold off.

200 SMA crossovers since 2017

To provide a little more perspective this is how often the 200 SMA has crossed since 2017. Prior to this it crossed in 2015, 2011 and 2008. My gut feeling is we are going down, however it’s hard to say how bad it will be, but the signal is here.

Also consider that Wednesday Powell & Co will announce a 25-50 basis point raise in the rates (currently expected). This may or may not be priced in, however at the moment I think it’s hard to see the markets pumping in the first few days of that announcement.

My analysis is that you should have been holding inverse ETFs like SPXS and TZA and puts starting at the top, like I told you when it was at the top. If you aren’t already holding it’s probably not too late to get in just look for a good entry (when the market pumps).

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