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15 Simple Tricks for Saving Money in the Coming Inflationary Recession that “They” Don’t Want You to Know About

Boomer here. Having lived through every downturn since the 1973-75 recession, here are some tips that might possibly save you some money in the impending hard times.

  1. Make a budget, and stick to it.
  2. Cut down on buying meat, it is one of the costlier grocery items.
  3. Cut down on packaged foods. Make things from (or near) scratch where you can.
  4. Don’t eat out, unless someone else is paying. Then eat out a lot. Advantage if you are a young attractive female.
  5. Pay off credit cards every month so that you don’t carry a balance. Or just don’t buy things. Probably the latter.
  6. Join a Sam’s Club or Costco. Buy grocery items in bulk, and buy your gas there too.
  7. Use the microwave instead of the oven. Things that heat other things are the electricity burners in your house.
  8. Turn your thermostat down to 65 in winter and up to 82 in summer. If your wife complains, change it back, but then reset it again when she’s not looking. If her boyfriend complains, leave it at previous settings.
  9. Throw out the budget you made in Step 1. Nobody in the history of the world has ever adhered to one for more than a week.
  10. Develop a money-saving social anxiety disorder (i.e., never go anywhere or do anything, just sit home and worry obsessively about the future).
  11. Consider getting a second job. If you have a second job, consider getting a third. If you have more than 3 jobs, consider playing dead for a year for tax purposes.
  12. Make a list of your subscriptions. Put a check mark next to those you absolutely can’t live without, and put an “x” next to those you can, then cancel all of them. Go to your friends’ houses to watch shows and play video games.
  13. Ask the boss for a raise. Just kidding; no one will be getting those for the next 5-10 years. The only raise you’ll have is when you quit and go to work for the competition, so get your resume polished.
  14. If you still have a job, ask to work from home. If your manager says yes, get a second work from home job and double your pay. If your manager laughs in your face, tell him/her you were just kidding, then go back to your desk and continue surfing WSB.
  15. Move back to your parent’s basement. If you are already in the basement, move to the attic.

Come on guys, you are the most creative people I have ever worked with, please add to this.

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