💲 G M E , 💲 T L R Y 💵 Discounts to Fair Value, Statistics, and Yachts via /r/wallstreetbets

Let’s look at where we stand with the technicals:

$ G M E : 15 Month Technical Fair Value: $285.00 per share (currently a 46.1% discount)

$ T L R Y : 15 Month Technical Fair Value: $32.50 per share (currently a 74.9% discount)

XRT is one of the 30+ ETFs that were used to target ‘MemeStock’ baskets. This indicates that the ETF baskets (like XRT), that are used to collectively short-attack companies maliciously targeted as ‘MemeStocks’, are the cause of a multi-stock phenomenon. It should be noted that these ETFs are shorted 1250.00% or more of their float.

List of Typical ‘Meme-Stocks’ that were added to this ‘targeted’ basket of ETF-abused and now chart-correlated stocks. As an effect of this, all of these stocks market caps do benefit from positive news of the other, and so on and so forth.

R Value: 97% Statistical Correlation in the Charts of ‘MemeStocks’. This is due to two things: 1.) the stocks are placed in the same manipulated retail/meme ETF baskets, and 2.) algorithmic trading. Therefore, any increase in the core fundamentals of one meme-company inadvertently impacts all of the meme-companies via Market Share Price (Net Asset Value).

$ G M E:

For $ G M E , Ortex Reveals an overcoming of January 2021 levels of Days to Cover and Cost to Borrow. Further, we see a 188% rise in Ortex Estimated Short Interest (SI %) of FF since 08NOV2021. 100% Utilization for 34 days in a row, indicating that no buy-ins to cover short-sales have occurred.

Quick Ortex Stats for $ G M E
Days in a Row of 100% Utilization: 34
Cost to Borrow (average): 27.32%
Cost to Borrow (Max): 39.56%
Days to Cover: 6
Ortex Estimated Short Interest (SI %) of Free Float (FF) [as reported only]: 25.19%
Rise in Estimated Short-Interest (SI %) of Free Float (FF) [as reported only]: 188% increase over 4 months

$ T L R Y:

For $ T L R Y , Ortex Reveals an increase in Short Interest (now about 15%) and a max Cost to Borrow of 14.39%. 97.22% of Utilization, down from 99.2% Utilization over one day, now indicating only the very beginning of $ T L R Y buy-ins to cover short-sales.

Yacht Types that may be of interest to you

Here are a few Yacht types. Which one would best suit your personality?

Technicals: $ G M E is at a 46.1% discount to its 15-month technical fair value. $ T L R Y is at a 74.9% discount. Evidence was presented via Ortex that $ G M E short-borrow utilization is still 100% (34 days now), a cost to borrow as high as 40%, with now an insidious 25% short-interest of the float, and a 188% rise in short interest over four months. These stocks were together placed in 30+ ETFs, which were then the targets of mass-short-sale attacks. These ETFs, such as XRT, have short interest % of the float around 1,250.00%, indicating a risk of termination of these ETFs based on their prospectus, upon any rise in price of the stock(s), thereby indicating that hedge funds have taken irresponsible levels of risk in their selling and lending of shares that they do not own. This places even more pressure on hedge funds to buy these meme stocks in order to cover their now-historic short-borrow liabilities.

Statistical Correlations of ‘Meme-Stocks’: It was revealed that the MemeStock ‘labeling’ and/or ‘targeting’ mechanism (‘Meme-Stock’ was a purposeful theme applied by hedge funds and the mainstream media in order to classify stocks liked by younger generations of investors) has now led to a high 97% statistical R correlation in all ‘Meme-Stock’ charts. $ G M E and $ T L R Y share this correlation, as evidenced. Nevertheless, this ‘Meme-Stock’ phenomenon effectively makes all of them the ‘same’ stock, with market caps that jointly fluctuate with or without news from either of them. Therefore, as yet another risk to hedge funds who have egregiously sold $ G M E short: increases in the market caps of cannabis ‘Meme-Stocks,’ such as $ T L R Y, do apply substantial margin capital risks to ‘Meme-Stock’ short-sellers who remain At Large in our once-free stock market. The preponderance of the evidence reveals that their short positions only grew last week, even though $ G M E rose 100% and $ T L R Y rose 70%.

Edit: I am now long GameStop and Tilray with play monies and DRS. On Friday, I invested my tax return into these stocks. My third position (not shown) is an American-headquartered Cannabis stock with a market cap that is too low to discuss in this forum. This edit is in compliance with Reddit user ME_CPA’s rightful request for “position or ban”, implying that I shall ‘yield’ by revealing my position or face a permanent ban.