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Weed Run Is Coming

I wrote about this a few days ago and I believe this adds to the thesis. Legalization is a bi-partisan issue and we see this with republicans introducing legalization. Also, mega corporations like Amazon are supporting it. We know there are many acts sitting in congress right now including the MORE act and the SAFE act. The weed thesis is better now than this time last year and the entire sentiment has changed creating fantastic discounts. Stocks are the only industry I know of that dislikes discounted prices.

Financial institutions being able to work with cannabis companies is going to create MASSIVE moves in some of these cannabis companies. This is close to, if not the bottom for weed. With inflation rising, cannabis is a tax revenue opportunity for the government and both sides see that.

I think Tilray and Curaleaf will be the two largest movers. Tilray’s diversification is unmatched imo and a diverse product line in a new sector creates the most opportunity for success. Curaleaf seems to be the most established US company so it’s a great addition to hedge Tilray if the “only American companies will make it theory” works out. In my opinion, it won’t.


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