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US agency probes Tesla crashes that killed 2 motorcyclists

Tesla murdered two motorcyclists in one month, new record:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sent investigation teams to two crashes last month in which Teslas collided with motorcycles on freeways in the darkness. Both were fatal.

19 beta-testers dead using Tesla autopilot, and they paid for the privilege too!

Since 2016, NHTSA has sent teams to 39 crashes in which automated driving systems are suspected of being in use, according to agency documents. Of those, 30 involved Teslas, including crashes that caused 19 deaths.

273 accidents in 10 months:

NHTSA also has ordered all automakers and tech companies with automated driving systems to report all crashes. The agency released the first batch of data in June showing that nearly 400 crashes were reported over a 10-month period, including 273 with Teslas.

So “Full Self Driving”, but not really.

You are still 100% legally liable for any people that your autonomous not-autonomous Tesla kills.

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