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Thoughts on the future of the metaverse

Read an article about how MTTR and HIMX could be the next big tech stock as the metaverse expands and becomes more established, and here is my thought. Himax technologies is a company that produces displays used in TVs, phones, monitors and VR headsets. Matterport operates as a spatial data company which its products include 3D content platform, pro2 3D cameras, 3D cameras, VR and mobile aps. It also serves real estate, construction, travel, and commercial sectors. My interest was in the virtual reality considering we are in the beginning stages in the metaverse, where the gateway into it will be virtual reality via VR headsets. If the metaverse explodes i can see these companys also exploding in value. Considering these tech stocks are currently trading at under $12 a share, and the current market is in a decline (including these 2 and one at $8 a share and still downward), im looking at these as having a fire sale right now. How do you all feel about the future of the metaverse and please shill me on why you think the metaverse is going to take off and become something big once it gets more developed

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