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Nobody is selling GME

Equivolume on the weekly, simple way of looking at things . Sell pressure is not real, look at Red really trying (crime is on their side). Go Team Green

“Incorporating volume into the price data makes it easier to search for confirmation of trend reversals, support and resistance breaks, or buying/selling pressure. The latter is best estimated with the close price display on as multiple studies use its position within the range as an indication of whether the buyers or sellers are in control. Plotting the close price in the Equivolume boxes also serves as a visual reference of trend strength or weakness.”

Since i got accused of plagirism, it was put in quotes , the definition of Equivolume pulled from TDA, since im sure not many used it before. Saving you the trouble of searching.

EDIT:Shoutout to “EtherGorilla” for this quote, to wrap this up in a nice package.

“Why would a company with over a billion in cash, no debt, a rockstar group of c-level executives and developers that literally quit their high paying jobs at Apple and Amazon to join them suddenly and inexplicably go bankrupt? Anti gme people sound like conspiracy theorists these days.” /gameover


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